V Amp Pro – Sending/receiving MIDI-Sysex data

Sending/receiving MIDI-Sysex data

The V-AMP PRO can receive system-exclusive data from other MIDI devices provided that the MIDI function (button A) has been activated in EDIT mode. However, this means that all presets on the V-AMP PRO will be overwritten automatically. You can also transmit MIDI data from your V-AMP PRO to other devices (total dump) by switching to EDIT mode and pressing the MIDI button until the display reads 􏰀d􏰁. The total dump function can be useful for transferring all the stored data from your V-AMP PRO to a MIDI sequencer and storing it there.

To send individual presets to other devices: switch to EDIT mode by pressing both arrow keys on the transmitting unit simultaneously, activate the MIDI function and briefly tap the MIDI button. The preset data are first filed in the temporary buffer and can be stored in the preset position of your choice using the store function.

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