V-Amp Pro: Midi Implementation

Behringer V Amp Pro – midi controller settings and values.

FunctionValueValueMidi Number
FunctionValueValueMidi Number
Wah Pedal1
Volume Pedal7
Amp Gain0-12712
Amp Treble0-12713
Amp Mid0-12714
Amp Bass0-12715
Amp Vol0-12716
Reverb Mix0-127*218
Amp Type0-32with default cabinet *319
FX Type0-15with defaults *120
FX Off/On0/12721
Reverb Send Off/On0/12722
Cabinet Type0-15*523
Reverb Type0-8*424
Noise Gate Level0-1525
Drive Off/On0/12726
Wah off/Position0/1-12727
pre Effect Type0-2*644
pre Effect Parameter 1*645
pre Effect Parameter 2*646
pre Effect Parameter 3*647
pre Effect Parameter 4*648
Delay Type0-2*749
Delay Time high0-117*850
Delay Time low0-127*851
Delay Spread0-12752
Delay Feedback0-12753
Delay Mix0-127*954
post FX Mode0-6*1055
post FX parameter 11*1056
post FX parameter 22*1057
post FX parameter 33*1058
post FX Mix0-127*1159
Assign FX control0-15*160
Amp Type without cabinet change0-32*361
Request ControlsValue = 8080
Set Position0-15Set Character 32-12781
Tuner Bypass Volume0-12782
Tuner Center Frequency 25-5583
Live EQ Treble0-12785
Live EQ Mid0-12786
Live EQ Bass0-12787
Digital out(44.1/48/96/ext; bit 2:pro)88
Preset0-124127=TunerProgram Change


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