Free Backing Track – Pale Rider

Pale Rider – free backing track to download,

Practice your lead guitar, solos and rhythm playing.

Key of C Major with an A Minor feel – great for A minor pentatonics and A minor natural.

Notes at bottom of page…

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The strum for this song can be heard on the track itself, you could try your own strum.

Can be played using open chords. The backing track uses barre chords for whole song. Apart from bridge which uses open chords and a barred F.

Verse: Notes

The 4 underlined in red is the beat on which a passing C/B takes place – this is totally up to you wether you want to throw it in.

Try it without at first then try and listen to where it happens on the track.

The Verse is repeated 4 times.

Bridge: Notes

The undelined red of bar 2 on the backing track the chord is held. You can strum it although it’s good practice to try it as per track.

Song Structure:

Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge /Verse

Free download

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