Untidy Music is a site dedicated to the world of DIY and Home Recording.

From Writing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering we hope to bring you the best information and advice we can. Featuring Articles,Tips, Tutorials and Advice on all aspects of home recording and the DIY project studio. Information and links to new software releases. Finding the coolest new and old free VST guitar plugins that are available for download, reviews on mid priced and top end vst guitar effects.

Get the best from your setup with our workflow ideas and articles. Keep your system up to speed with the latest optimizing tricks, tips and tweaks. Get the most out of your equipment and recordings. Tutorials on Sonar, Reaper, Audition and Wavosaur Interesting new equipment, guitars and cool studio gadgets. Restoring, fixing, troubleshooting and reviving legacy studio gear, outdated desktops and tired laptops. Free backing tracks, drum loops and midi files. Books, DVDs and everything inbetween.

It’s Untidy Music – an Untidy Site created by an Untidymind for Untidyminds…

Everything you need to know to start recording in your home studio…

Audio Devices, software, midi, programming and everything inbetween.

Reaper, Ubuntu Studio…

Working with some of the best free/low cost software from full operating systems like Ubuntu Studio to using one of the best DAWs available

Online Guitar Tuition…

Chords, Scales and Exercises for guitar, a free online guitar tuition resource

Get the best out of your playing.

Advice on buying electric and acoustic guitars for beginners

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