Ableton Midi to Reaper Rewire Slave Workaround MAC

You will need a good knowledge of Ableton and Reaper’s routing and Mac’s internal IAC midi setup.

If you run Ableton Live as a rewire slave you can only route the audio to Reaper.

Could I use Ableton to trigger midi notes in Reaper when it is slaved?

The answer is yes but only using the IAC midi driver in MAC – there maybe a way to use RTPmidi in windows to do this but I don’t currently have Ableton installed on my windows pc to test this.

So let’s get the idea out there.

Can Ableton as a rewired slave be used as a Piano Roll Editor?

Yes it can – using rewire as the syncing mechanism we can use IAC as the midi input.

Reaper -> Rewire Ableton

Ableton ->IAC bus -> Reaper

On Reaper you will need:

  1. A track with Ableton rewired.
  2. A Track with the instrument you want to trigger. This will need to be armed with monitoring. Right click record button and choose midi – IAC bus

On Ableton you will need:

  1. A midi track with it’s output to the IAC bus

Hopefully if you add some notes to the midi track in Ableton you should hear them back on Reaper’s Instrument Track.


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