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Jargon Busting: Clipping

Harsh type of distortion created when a signal tries to exceed it’s maximum given level. Clipping is a form of waveform distortion it occurs when an amplifier is overdriven. The term ‘clipping’ is given to the sound being ‘cut’ or ‘clipped’ when it exceeds an amplifiers maximum volume. This extra signal which goes beyond the […]

LFO – Jargon Busting

LFO – low-frequency oscillation is an audio signal usually below 20 Hz which creates a pulsating rhythm rather than an audible tone. LFO  refers to an audio technique specifically used in the production of electronic music. The abbreviation refers to low-frequency oscillators themselves. Low-frequency oscillation was first came to the fore in the modular synthesizers of […]

Compression – Jargon Busting

Threshold -o-> Level at which the compressor starts to work. Example -16db is peak level = <= set level at -18db => everything above -18db will be compressed Ratio -o-> Amount of gain reduction to be applied to signal that exceeds threshold level – see above… Attack -o-> Measured usually in milliseconds or ms => […]