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Beginner Guitar Lessons: Chord Box

The Chord Box The arrows horizontally point at the frets The arrows vertically point at the strings Unlike TAB the chord box is not upside down – but is a mirror image instead. ‘There are no mistakes, save one: the failure to learn from a mistake’ – Robert Fripp   Pulling your fingers out Let’s […]

Free D minor Backing Tracks for Jamming Guitar

Uploaded to www.free4allbackingtracks.com 1. Beasty – D minor jam track 3/4 Perfect for D minor pentatonic and D blues scales and phrases. Great for improvising slow blues/rock lead and building licks and runs and perfecting bends, vibrato and hammer ons/pull offs. Download Track – Right Click – Save as 2. Romantika – Free D minor […]

E minor pentatonic – Lesson 1

Scales and exercises to help get to grips with the different positions of the E minor pentatonic scale. Practice using a metronome or click to get smooth playing using alternative picking. Try experimenting using a backing track in the key of G/Eminor. You can download the full sheet by right click save on link or […]

Strumming: 1+ 2 3 4

Strum pattern: 1 + 2 3 4 Example 1: G major, Em, A major and Am Example 2: Am, Am7, Em and Em9 Example 3: A major, D major and E major Example 4: E major, E7, A major and Asus2 Download PDF

Advanced Chord Lessons Part 3: Cadd9, Cmaj7, Asus2 and Asus4

Advanced Chord Lessons Part 1: Dsus4 and Dsus2 Advanced Chord Lessons Part 2: Em7, Cadd9 and Dsus4 The following lesson involves the Cadd9, Cmaj7, Asus2 and Asus4 chords. Each example chord progression and strum has an audio examples for you listen and learn. C major, Cadd9 and Cmaj7: Am, Asus4 and Asus2: Example 1: Progression […]