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Free VST Drum Sampler: Loopazoid

Loopzazoid by NextSoft is my favourite Drum Sampler VST, It’s not out of the box because you need to create your own kits. If like me you’ve got shed loads of drum samples it’s really easy to set up a kit. Your samples though will probably need converting as Loopazoid only accepts samples at 16bit. […]

Free Drum VST – Wollo Beat

Excellent little plugin from Erik Wollo – Super cool sounds and easy to use. The buttons are a little small on the GUI but that’s no problem when you get used to it. I’ve been using it on some of my Reaper guides and it’s very simple. The Wollo Beat is a 808 style virtual […]

Setting Up A Drum VSTi Reaper

For this tutorial you’ll need to download – wollo beat a free VSTi drum machine… You’ll need to install the VSTi in your VST folder. Here is a tutorial-how to install VST