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Insert Track Reaper – Beginners Lesson 1


Insert Track Reaper Quick and simple lessons on how to use Reaper, How to Insert a track. Open Reaper on your PC or Mac. Start a new project. Look on menu for – ‘Track’ and ‘Insert new track’ Alternatively you can use ‘Ctrl + T’ – for those not sure on short cuts hold down […]

Silent Night – TAB and Chords for beginner

Easy to play arrangement for Silent Night – Both TAB and Chords. Tabulature can be played with fingers or plectrum – if using plectrum the lower bass note can be missed out to make playing the melody easier. If playing with fingers use Thumb to play string while finger plays thinner string. It’s arranged in […]

Electric Guitars 2009: Budget and Beginners

Getting ready for this years Christmas? Looking for the ideal guitar for the complete beginner? Hopefully this article on what is available this year and what I personally recommend will help point you  in the right direction. The guitars in this article will be budget/beginners style guitars so the scores out of 10 will reflect […]