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Untidy Piece 2

Practice piece – Chords are written below. Audio A Part: Audio B Part: Audio C Part: Audio Solo: Chords D part Untidy Piece Audio full backing track.

Free Backing Track – Twinkletoes

Free Download Backing track in C/Am use pentatonic, blues and natural scales of A minor along side C major scale and modes. Jam along playing lead or practice your rhythm playing by trying to play along. [audio:http://www.untidymusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/free-queue-shine.jpgBacking_Tracks/index.php?file=15&sort=4] The strum for this song can be heard on the track itself otherwise try your own strum. Can […]

Free Guitar Backing Jam Track – 7thHappiness

Free Backing Track – ‘7thHappiness’ This track is a 60’s style pop song with a descending feel to it. Written for melodic guitar lead rather than endless finger noodling this jam track will make you think harder. Using 7th chords this backing track is nice to play along to with chords as well as lead […]