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PC and MAC Editor Yamaha TG-55 – CTRLR

TG55 Editor – CTRLR Panel This is my first attempt at creating a panel using CTRLR. A fantastic program created to help you gain control of all your midi equipment. You will need to download the software to use this panel – you can get it from the link below. You will need to read […]

TG55 Manual – Controls and Connectors – page 4 & 5

TG55 FRONT PANEL 1.  [POWER] Switch Press to turn power ON or OFF. 2.  [VOICE] Key & Indicator Selects the normal voice play mode in which any of the TG55’s preset, internal or card voices can be played via a MIDI keyboard or other controller connected to the MIDI IN connector. 3. [MULTI] Key & Indicator […]

TG 55 manual – 4. Editing Voices – page 25

TG55 Voicing Basics AWM2 Waveforms “AWM2” is an acronym for YAMAHA’s second-generation 16-bit Advanced Wave Memory. This is a digital waveform storage and reproduction system that rivals the quality of the finest compact disc players, providing unprecedented clarity and realism in the reproduction of acoustic instruments and other natural timbres. Technically speaking, AWM2 deals with […]