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Guitarix – Setup, Problems and Midi Controller

This post deals with setting up Guitarix on a laptop. First off why? Unfortunately inspiration can hit at the most awkward of times. Working as a guitar teacher I often work funny hours so if I need to get something down late at night or right before a lesson I need to be able to […]

Getting the most out of my home studio

Feels like such a long time since I last put anything on here. Funny how life has a habit of getting in the way. But it’s time to get back to business… A brand new setup: So the best way I can get started is to outline what I have in my studio and what […]

Ubuntu Studio Revisted – Installed On A Laptop

About a year ago I had an aborted attempt at installing Ubunto on my desktop. It was time wasted really and I wish I hadn’t tried, I complained at the time that there were too many things to fix or that could not be fixed. Well I gave up. And now I’m back. The reason? […]