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Free DAW setup advice Plugin FX and Instruments

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet just a series of links to free and or free to use software for beginners. :::DAW::: Reaper – Free to use but after 60 days it will be the best $60 you ever spend. Perfect for Mac or Windows Record Audio and Midi – Piano Roll and […]

Creating Music: Free Multitracking Software

Audacity is a great little software program that primarily operates as an editing program. But delve under the hood for a second and you’ll find a multitrack recordig system. Doesn’t support midi but hey it’s free. It looks a lot like a basic version of Cool Edit the pre-Audition mulltitracking software. Does take a lot […]

Reaper… awrigght

Anyone who hasn’t had a crack at Reaper yet, definitely worth a go. I have pretty much stopped using Sonar for it now. Occcasionally I still use Adobe Audition, mainly because I know it inside out. But the more I learn about Reaper, the more I realise how freakin great it is. Uncrippling shareware, and […]