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Sequencer_Megababy: Edit the Piano Roll Range

In sequencer_baby we can increase the range of notes available by using right click and stretching the green bar. Video: [embedyt][/embedyt]

Sequencer_Megababy: Transpose + Pattern Change

You can create a pattern and transpose it using midi via Reaper. You’ll need to insert a couple of midi items onto your track. I have used Reaper’s synth plugin for an instrument – if goes after sequencer_megababy in the fx chain. Video:

sequencer_megababy: Transpose

Reaper’s sequencer_megababy Tranpose. You can by using your left click drag the green bar into different ranges or change the start note of your pattern. Video:

Sequencer_Megababy – Patterns – Midi Trigger

This Tutorial will take into account that you are already familiar with Sequencer_Megababy, if not then please refer to my previous articles: Video Tutorial 1 Video Tutorial 2 Creating Drums Article The Sequencer_Megababy plugin for Reaper can be programmed into 16 Patterns – these Patterns can then be triggered using midi notes on the track […]

Sequencer Megababy Example Drum Beats(beginner)

The following tutorial is an expansion of my previous article about programming drums in Reaper using sequencer_megababy. If you are new to sequencer_megababy and drum programming please read the article in this link first. Example Audio: Beat 1 Beat 1: Use your left click to add beats as below…   Example Audio: Beat 2 Example […]