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Drumazon Pattern Programming

You may want to read this article first – Pattern Sequencing Reaper based tutorial – should work the same way with other DAWs. First let’s start with how I work. I use Reaper’s midi to sequence my patterns and then program each pattern as I go. Part 1. Open Reaper and add Drumazon as a […]

Drumazon – Pattern Sequencing using Reaper

Relative Article: Drumazon: Pattern Programming This following tutorial is going to presume you are 1. Using Reaper and 2. Are familiar with it’s use. If you are not using Reaper then other DAWs may need slightly different setup procedures, if you are not just getting started using Reaper then why not check out the other tutorials on this […]

D16 Drumazon Review and Tutorials

I have had the D16 Drumazon for a few years now and I’ll be honest my poor little head could not get around it. Call it a need for speed thing. I wanted an instant boom and didn’t get it – mainly because i was just too damn lazy to get to grips with it. […]