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Fender Deluxe Mini Amp Review 3

Fender Deluxe Mini Amp Review 3 – Using Japanese Squier Silver Series Strat. Like a Hot Rod Deluxe that’s been shrunk! The Fender Mini Deluxe Amp has a level of detail unmatched by any other mini amplifier. Functional “dogbone” handle, chrome control plate, mini chicken-head knobs. And the Mini Deluxe has Fender tone, too! Fender […]

Hodad Mini Amp Review 2

This is the 2nd audio review of the Hodad Amp Mini Amp using a Japanse Squier Silver Series Strat. The Ultimate 60’s Tone Toy! The new Denelectro Hodad is a mini-amp with BIG features and pure retro vibe! Includes echo and tremolo controls. Danelectro Hodad Mini Amp | Dolphin Music £39.99 Danelectro Hodad DH-1 Mini […]