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Combined Strum Pattern 1 2+(3)+4+1 2+3+4+

New strum lesson combining the strum pattern of 1 2+(3)+4+ followed by the strum pattern 1 2+3+4+ If you are just starting out and your chord changes are still a little sticky then this lesson maybe a little advanced, you can by all means have a go but why not try some of the other strum […]

Chord Drills – Chord changing exercise

Changing chords can be one of the most frustrating parts of learning guitar. You may think you’re comfortable knowing your chords but how comfortable are you changing them? Do you spend far too much time getting them perfect? Remember perfection is the enemy of progress. Start by knowing your shapes,k always lead with your first […]

Guitar Strumming Lesson: 1 (2) 3 4+1+2 3 4+

Just a quick little lesson strumming chords with a combined strum pattern. Simple chords G,D and C – keep the tempo even and your strums gentle. Check the audio out first and then try counting the rhythm – beats in brackets are not strummed but are counted.   You could also try playing along to […]

Strumming 1 2 3+4+

Strumming Pattern: 1 2 3+4+ Example 1: A major, Amaj7, A7 and D major Example 2: D major, Dmaj7, D7, G major Example 3: C major, Am7, Dm7, G7 Example 4: D7, G7, A7, D7