Copy Track Roland VS880 DAW

Copy Track Roland VS880 DAW Copy a track on the Roland VSS80 recorder. 1. You can use Track Copy with the tracks that are currently audible. Select the V-track that contains the copy source playback data, and prepare that data for playback. 2. Press [TRACK] several times until “TRK Track Copy ?” appears in the […]

Roland Jog Wheel Fix Encoder Hack Roland VS880 DAW

Roland Roland Jog Wheel Fix VS880 DAW Jog Wheel Encoder Hack Intermittent, jerky, glitchy jog wheel encoder on the Roland VS880 digital workstation is a common problem – it renders the machine difficult to operate – there are software workarounds but even those are problematic as I have witnessed myself trying to create one with […]

Sample Loader for Drums – Free VST Plugin

Drum Sample Loader Free VST plugin Simple sample loader for drums as vst plugin to load drum samples for use with DAWs including Reaper. Load you own drum samples or use the free sample packs linked below. I wanted a dirt simple sample loader that could use individual outputs for processing each sound with the […]