IK Multimedia Virtual Instrument Group Buy

VI Group Buy Purchase and register any qualifying product and get up to 5 more of equal or lesser value FREE! https://www.ikmultimedia.com/vigb/ The new VI Group Buy promotion gives you a great way to expand your music production set up with our popular virtual instruments and instrument collections. Any time you purchase and register a qualifying product, […]

3rd Party Reaper Add Ons: Tale’s JSFX Pack

https://www.taletn.com/reaper/mono_synth/ Tale’s JSFX Pack This is my homebrew collection of free, hackable JSFX audio/MIDI plug-ins and libraries for REAPER v4.25+. Tale’s JSFX Pack includes these JSFX plug-ins: ab_mono: A/B two mono channels. colored_noise: Colored noise generator. drum_synth: Simple drum synth (GM compatible, although incomplete). midi_sustain: MIDI sustain emulator. midi_vibrato: MIDI vibrato via Pitch Bend. mono_synth: Simple mono/poly synth. poly_mono_midi_router: […]

Chords in C Major

      C Major Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper D Minor Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper E Minor Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper F Major Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper G Major Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper A Minor Chord – Piano Roll – Reaper B Diminished Chord – […]

Piano Roll: Copy and Paste Chords

Copy and Paste Chords in Reaper’s Piano Roll: Select chord using right click drag and select – Ctrl c to Copy chord. Move cursor to grid position/division and Ctrl v to paste copied chord. Alter notes by selecting with left click and holding to drag note to new position/note on grid.

Reaper: Piano Roll – Join and Split Notes

Using shortcuts we can split notes: Using right click and drag to select notes and then the shortcut: ‘J’ we can join the selected notes together. BY moving our mouse cursor to any position/division on the piano roll grid we can use the shortcut: ‘S’ to split the note at that point.

Reaper: Enter Notes in Piano Roll Part 1

Entering notes in Piano Roll: Select the note you want – the piano roll to the left will light up green. Double click on the area and your note will be created. If you want the note longer or shorter ‘grab’ the end of the note using the right mouse button and drag right to […]