Reaper Piano Roll: E2-B2 Guitar as reference – Low Notes

Before you start please read: Reaper Piano Roll: C Major Scale – Guitar as reference(C3-C4) Lowest notes on the guitar: E2 – F2 – G2 – A2 – B2 The notes above are the lowest notes on the guitar – E2 would be the Bottom E String. A2 could also be played on the E […]

Piano Roll – Articles

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Reaper: Invert a Chord in Reaper

Quick tip for adding depth to your chords if you are a beginner. Invert them! In Reaper we can do this using Transpose or by dragging the notes. Let’s use Transpose. Draw a C Major chord: C E G Let’s create out first inverted chord: C Major(inversion 1) – E G C -> ‘C/E’ Select […]