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Waves Deals July 2016 nearly at an end!

Our July plugin deals are ending this Sunday! Don’t miss some of this month’s best sellers: Gold – $299 (Reg. $799)C6 Multiband Compressor – $99 (Reg. $299)dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter – $79 (Reg. $149)H-Delay Hybrid Delay – $49 (Reg. $179)CLA Vocals – $49 (Reg. $149)Renaissance Bass – $39 (Reg. $79)Morgan Page EMP Toolbox – $149 (Reg. $599)Kramer HLS Channel – $49 (Reg. $249)Jack Joseph Puig […]

Yuri's Night

“Do you want to party under a rocket, meet a NASA astronaut, participate in a live Moon experiment or have the chance to win a real spacecraft destined for the Moon? Celebrating 55 Years of manned spaceflight along with the worlds annual space party known as Yuri’s Night, there’s a UK event where you can […]

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