Adventures with the Roland VS880 – CF Card and CF to IDE Reader

Working solution are the components above. Transcend 4gb card doesn’t work for but the Clouddisk Compact Flash card seems to work fine I think this maybe a speed issue. The VS880 would find the card but not initialize it – the red led indicating hard drive use would flash but the screen would stay stationary […]

Roland VS880 expanded PC Control Software

Due to a rather inconsistent jog wheel  I have delved deep into the sysex commands of the Roland VS880 to help mitigate some of the more tedious tasks and negate the temperamental time/jog wheel. This is Panel created using CTRLR is a work in progress – some parameters don’t seem to output sysex and as […]

Roland VS880 Sysex

Input Mix: On:Off Track 1 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 00 LS MS f7 Track 2 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 01 LS MS f7 Track 3 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 02 LS MS f7 Track 4 f0 41 10 7c 12 02 01 03 LS MS f7 […]

Drum Programming: Tips and Tricks

When programming drum beats in Reapers midi editor there are several ways to help our workflow. Shortcuts, Screen Setup, Drum Maps etc. Below I’m going to show you how I have my Drum Editor setup and what I do to make creating beats easier and much more fun. Some of this can take time to […]

Reaper and Drum Programming Resources

As a project I am going to be getting my own resources and adding them here alongside links to software, articles, tutorials and available courses regarding programming drums in Reaper. This will include Drum Maps, Samples electronic and acoustic, Ideas and Tricks and tips. If you have any resources, videos, software, tutorials or courses that […]

Drum Synth 500 only £8.95 – Get free Plugin Levels or Balancer

Drum Synth 500 Virtual Instrument by AIR Music Technology Building upon Air Music Technology’s heritage of creating Strike—considered “The reference Drum Instrument” for Avid Protools—Air has teamed up with music legends Akai Professional and Alesis Drums to carry on this legacy of excellence. In the style of the popular 500 series synth modules comes an all new […]

Studio Drummer Drum Maps for Reaper

Reaper Drum Maps for Kontakt’s Abbey Road Studio Drummer Garage Drum Kit Session Drum Kit Stadium Drum Kit Install Drum Map for Reaper – Save files to your keymaps folder. Options->Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder Find ‘MIDINoteNames’ folder Save or Copy file to this folder. To load keymap: In Piano Roll: File->Note/CC Names->Load note/CC […]