Stereofame – Indie Music Promotion

As Back Bone Shiver I’ve joined a few sites over the last few years with a varying degree of success.

As an unsigned/independent artist I’m always looking at sites that have a big listener base rather than just being for music makers.

I also like sites that are bit more friendly when it comes to promotion.

Some sites are very static, some need a lot of attention.

Some are worth the attention and some aren’t.

Stereofame is weird, I enjoy it. It’s quite in your face though.

The longer you stay on the site, the more attention you seem to get.

But it does generate genuine listens. It’s free to upload 5 songs and offer them for sale.

You get signed by labels which are run by listeners who score points by getting you listened to and getting you higher in the charts.

It’s a neat idea.

And if anything it’s another place to host your music for free.

Here’s my widget below, I score points if you click it and sign up.

The more points I get the higher position I get, the more listeners I get again more points.

I’m not asking you to click it(ahem) but merely showing you how the game works.

Musician get’s points by being downloaded, listens, sending and receiving messages etc
Listeners score points by signing artists, promoting labels, listening to tunes etc

Check it out,

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