New Mp3 for Download – I Wish I Was a Carpenter

Download for free here

’80s John carpenter inspired sci fi soundtrack that changes and grows into something else completely.’

Started off as an experiment with synths both outboard and VST.

‘Outboard equipment includes Proteus /1 Yamaha TG500 and Emu ESi 4000 for orchestral samples.

Drums are a combination of Alesis SR-16, proteus, yamaha and samples.

Guitars are organic using Behringer V-Pro guitar rack unit.

Strings are a mixture of proteus, yamaha and Esi sampler.


Arpegiator is Sonar midi based combined with free vst synth ‘Arpy’

More of Number 13 here – Link


‘Free downloads in mp3 format of original chilled out instrumental tracks, designed as soundtracks, relaxation, chill outs. Each track was written with massage or sleeping in mind. Some are sounds mixed with synths, some are repetative guitar motifs others are just lullabies and/or tracks written to mellow to. All copyright of Number 13/theBigRed/Back Bone Shiver – Untidy Music 2003-20010.

If you enjoy these backing tracks please think about donating to this site via paypal. Whilst we are glad to make these tracks available for free we also do incur costs such as time spent recording them, equipment and site upkeep and fees. Enjoy.’

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