Free Download – Underneath What?

New track set for download from ‘Number 13’

Number 13 is the alter ego of Back Bone Shiver.

Just general music/noise created that either doesn’t suit Back Bone Shiver or is an experiment that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere.

This new track is called ‘Underneath What?

It’s basically a Harley Benton HBN100 national steel tuned to DADAAD.

Soft synths operate in the background maintaining the pulse/drone.

Also thrown in there is the fantastic free vst Spooky Keys a theremin vst instrument.

Also used was the WAYMM NWbass V2 synth and the free CM dominator free with Computer Music Magazine.

Get the track here Free Download


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‘All instrumentals are Free downloads in mp3 format of original chilled out instrumental tracks, designed as soundtracks, relaxation, chill outs. Each track was written with massage or sleeping in mind. Some are sounds mixed with synths, some are repetative guitar motifs others are just lullabies and/or tracks written to mellow to. All copyright of Number 13/theBigRed/Back Bone Shiver – Untidy Music 2003-20010.

If you enjoy these backing tracks please think about donating to this site via paypal. Whilst we are glad to make these tracks available for free we also do incur costs such as time spent recording them, equipment and site upkeep and fees.’

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