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Free Synth/Arpegiator VST Instrument

ARPESST:Free Synth/Arpegiator VST Instrument from UntidyMusic.

ARPESST:Free Synth/Arpegiator VST Instrument

This is the 2nd of our untidymusic free VST plugins , basically a it’s a messed up synthesisizer.

Wasn’t  sure what to call this, I’ve named it ARPESST due to the fact it uses an arppegiator.

Initially it was to be based around the proteus /1 but definitelty not even close to that.

Although it has a curious sound.



Controls are random really, it works on two ADSR controlled Oscillators going into one one signal, each Oscillator goes through a moog, a clipper, a distortion and is controlled by an LFO.

Get some weird John Carpenter style moog sounds using the Arp and the Delay.

The ‘TWIST’ control really hurts the ears, but can also create those weirder vibes/effects if needed.

Created some presets but ultimately it’s down to the user to create their own.

It works in Reaper and Sonar and seems to have a relatively low CPU usage.

Hope someone enjoys it anyways.

Download it for free here.

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