Apple TV authorisation required problems

Just spent the weekend or should I say wasted on this problem.

So if you are having problems then a bit of advice, it seems to be a problem on apples servers.

Which is great.

No announcement and probably no apology.

I pay for content only to not be able to use it in the way I want to.

Bit of a joke.

As a very recent convert to Apples products I had become a bit of a fanboy as opposed to the suspicious/cautious person I thought I was.

Well didn’t that bite me in the arse?

There is a work around.

Not perfect and definitely not what we paid for an Apple TV to do but…

You can still play the content you bought on the pc or mac you downloaded to, then use airplay to stream to your Apple TV.

Like I said not ideal.

But will save you the arseache of restarting your equipment and reinstalling software.

Apparently this could be going on for a few days.

Be nice if Apple could make some kind of statement to their customers.

Not holding my breath though.

Updated: October 2, 2011 — 5:40 pm

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