Napster once a pirate now just a con artist

A few years ago I bought a Samsung YH920 mp3 player – it’s 20gb and works pretty good.

Filled it pretty much straight away and added music every so often. Last time was about 6 months ago?

Anyway this morning went to add some more tunes to it and napster wants to update itself, ok fair enough.

Update finishes and now I can’t add music to my MP3 player, worse still Napster are now asking me to pay for the right to add music to ‘my’ mp3 player. Music that I paid for on CD.

What’s when I tried to use other software it craps on my database so nothing is there now.

What a joke, pirates all suited and booted and playing by new rules.

Arseholes of the lowest order.

And Samsung are no better for being in cahoots with them.

I hope a real rain comes and washes them all away.


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