Musicians hit out at piracy plans

An alliance of music stars, songwriters and record producers has spoken out against UK government proposals to kick file-sharers off the internet.

Persistent file-sharers could have their internet accounts suspended in an attempt to crack down on piracy.

But Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien, a member of the Featured Artists’ Coalition (FAC), said: “It’s going to start a war which they’ll never win.”‘ – Read the rest here

I’m very pro piracy, as long as it’s the right people doing it for the right reasons.

Go back to when you was a kid, when I was a kid it was common place to tape your friends records or your own and share them around.

You couldn’t always get access to the music you wanted to hear on the radio, and why should you pay out for something you potentially might not like?

You wouldn’t buy a suit without trying it on first would you?

I remember having a small microphone attached to one of those flat mono tape decks, I would record of the radio and sometimes I would hold it to the speaker on my Fidelity record player.

Horrid, horrible recordings, but they served a purpose – my tastes developed.

From a very young age I was obsessively into music but like most pre teenage and teenage kids I just didn’t have the money to afford all the records I wanted, I was never a glutton but yes I did involve myself in piracy.

As I got older and had more cash I spent on the records I could afford. And still do.

These days MP3s serve as nothing more than hard drive nuggets, they’re ok for creating compilations but nothing compares to having the CDs sitting in order on my many shelves of music.

I believe that kids use the internet and torrent sites to do eexactly what myself and millions of other kids did.

If it creates music lovers who end up spending there hard earned cash on concerts, festivals, merchandise, CDs and DVDs then where is the harm.

I understand there are a select few who try and profit from this kind of thing but they should be dealt with in the criminal courts as criminals.

But again I ask, who buys it anyway?

The truth is a lot of people download music illegally, it’s huge and it’s a war that cannot be won.

Making examples of true music lovers will only alienate the music industry further.

Updated: September 10, 2009 — 4:28 am

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