Michael Jackson was a prophet…

Sorry meant Michael Jackson turning a profit.

Bleedin predictive text!!!

Seems that death gets you a get out of jail free card these days, musically speaking that is.

Michael Jackson guilty or not of what he was accused of, suffered financially from the rumours of his pecadillos.

Now I have no idea if he was guilty or not, but neither am I 100% sure that Gary Glitter was guilty and just writing that makes me feel queasy.

It’s funny though that Michael Jackson can be given a reprieve in death, all is forgiven Michael because at the end of the day Billie Jean is just a superior song to Rock n Roll Part 2.

It’s a nonsense is it not?

It’s creepy really, people have been in mourning and HMV have been rubbing their grubby little hands.

I say let’s kill Jonathon King and see how much money he makes.

Oh sorry I forgot, talent IS the byline here.

‘Entertainment group Chrysalis says its trading in the three months to June 30 saw an “extraordinary surge” in sales of Michael Jackson’s recorded music.

Chrysalis publishes a number of the late singer’s hits, including Thriller, Rock With You and Off the Wall, all written by Rod Temperton.

Millions of Jackson’s albums and singles have been sold worldwide since his death on 25 June.

The firm said its overall financial performance was in line with forecasts.’ –

Read the rest here

Updated: August 15, 2009 — 3:24 am

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